Sustainable Tourism

Our activities are in close contact with local communities and with nature, promoting a new sustainable tourism model capable of stimulating the exchange of knowledge and explicitly combining territorial development, conservation of cultural, tangible, and intangible heritage, and conservation environment.

Our territory's nature and landscapes are sought in the same way as art and culture destinations. Our natural riches and vast cultural heritage deserve a virtuous promotion, just like the places of historical, artistic, and architectural value. Many of our activities take place in protected areas, towns with millenary history, and territories not hit by mass tourism. In addition to offering a unique experience to our guests, we seek to enrich the tourist offer with a sustainable approach, creating jobs in valuable areas to protect the environment and enhance the territory.
Sustainable tourism in Italy offers a large range of possibilities to both groups and individuals:
  • Guided walks in places of natural and historical value
  • Archaeological itineraries immersed in trails, forests, rivers, and lakes
  • Canoe/kayak Trips
  • Cycling and mountain biking on The Via Francigena route
  • Horseback riding
  • Cooking classes with local grandmothers 
  • Culinary workshops with young local chefs
  • Wine tastings in the vineyards and wineries of the area
  • Environmental education and scientific literacy 
  • Educational farm experience
  • Trekking and Trekking with dogs
  • Art workshops with local artisans
  • Olive harvests and visits to local oil mills
  • Grape harvests and lunch in local vineyards
Ready to experience it? Sustainable tourism in Italy is now a real possibility!