Corporate And Wellness Retreats

The retreat is an ancient way of traveling, born with the first pilgrimages for religious purposes and evolving over the years into modern retreats in exclusive locations. We think of a retreat as a trip made with a specific purpose: learning to care for one’s self. This means getting together, becoming part of a team, all while detaching from the outside world.

Topics may vary, but the common goal is to connect with one’s self and nature, clarify and deepen specific topics through practices and teachings by experts in the field.

We don’t only organize yoga retreats, but we offer personalized programs for groups or companies. We believe that bringing a company together in a beautiful place increases employee productivity and happiness. The activities of team building in Italy and company retreats are vital and essential moments to connect with colleagues, work on new projects, seek new inspiration, or celebrate business success.

We will select the most suitable location for the group, organize workspaces, accommodation, and recreational and training activities, ensuring our full support during the retreat to allow the group to focus, reconnect and have fun.